On Saturday April 20th we had 18 Churches participate with over 125 volunteers to gather, sort, pack and deliver.

Over 9000 Food Items were collected and delivered. Over $4,000 in donations for food, etc., was received.

Our Community Unity Halton Hills team delivered four overflowing bags of groceries, containing chicken/ham, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, dry goods, canned goods, fruits, and other produce, to just under 150 families in need in the Greater Georgetown Area.

“Love thy Neighbour” not only is a beautiful piece of scripture but a global axiom that the CUHH Team of Churches and Congregations exemplifies not just through word, but more importantly through action!  

Thank you to our CUHH Partners and Supporters:

Georgetown BreadBasket
Food For Life
Cordingley Real Estate
Maple Lodge Farms
BurnBrae Farms
Piller's Fine Meats
Habitat For Humanity

2019 Easter Basket Brigade