Do you need help or do you know someone in our community who needs with their yard?

Those we assist come from requests in our community. If you know someone who needs assistance, let us know.

While we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will make it onto our list, we strive to accommodate all that we can.

Simply make the request and we will contact you to obtain additional information.

‚ÄčR A I N  D A T E

We meet at 8:15 am on the event day at a local church to coordinate our clean-up teams and head out with our rakes, signs and leaf bags.

Our day is completed with some fun fellowship and BBQ at another local church.

View the flyerfor more information.

"This is one of the best, if not the best service provided in our community. Young people today are so busy that it is hard to get them to help, so this is a service that I am grateful for. The combined efforts of the members of churches in our community, setting aside a day to help seniors is such a loving, generous service." 
- Homeowner

"The couple were in bad shape physically and really appreciated the work, and when we prayed she broke down and cried, and that really touched me."  
- Yard Worker volunteer

MAY 4th

 If you are an able-bodied person, who would like to participate in these community events, please connect and sign up for our next yard clean-up, or other upcoming MissionalMinistry events.

MAY 11th