Q: What is Community Unity Halton Hills (CUHH) 

​A: CUHH consists of volunteers from many different churches in the Georgetown area who have come together to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the people of our community. 

Q: Do I have to be part of a church to volunteer? 
A: No! Everyone is welcome and anyone can get involved!  

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?​
A: Under our
Volunteer tab, enter in your name and email. 

Q: Who am I helping when I volunteer? 
A: Members of the community in need are helped through t
he various programs offered by CUHH. 

Q: How do I get my 40 hours with CUHH? 
A: Sign up on our
volunteer page. Getting involved in any of our events or programs can get you your volunteer hours.

Q: Who is involved with CUHH? 
A: Any member of the community can get involved with CUHH. Many people get involved through their local churches. 

Q: Where do my donations go when I give money? 
A: All
donationsare carefully distributed to meet the need of the people in our community. All of our time and efforts are on a volunteer basis. CUHH has no paid staff at this time. 

Q: Is CUHH non-profit? ​​
​A: Yes, it is a registered non-profit organization.

​Q: What is our Jubilee program?

A:  Jubilee is an initiative developed to provide connections to help individuals and families in our community. It is a program run by Christian volunteers advocating for and helping connect people in distress to those that can help them regain their lives.


Q: What is the Easter Basket Brigade

A: On the Saturday of Easter weekend (April 20th, 2019) we had 18 Churches participate with over 125 volunteers to gather, sort, pack and deliver. Over 9000 food items were collected and delivered. Over $4,000 in donations for food, etc., was received. Our CUHH team delivered four overflowing bags of groceries, containing chicken/ham, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, dry goods, canned goods, fruits, and other products to just under 150 families in need in the Greater Georgetown Area.

Q: When did CUHH begin?

A: CUHH began in 2008. It all started with a spring yard cleanupto assist families in need due to age, health or circumstance and has grown to include a fall yard cleanup; a food program called Food from the Heart; and Jubilee, care planners helping people connect with needed agencies. These programs are covered in greater depth on our Events page.

Q: What is Missionalministry?

A: Missionalministry means service. It is doing mission and ministry hand and hand by helping, being with and praying with those in need.


Frequently Asked Questions